Letting it go with Elsa

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Let it go! It’s a song we all know and love, sung by the queen we all know and love, Elsa! Today she wanted to teach me how to make snow so we can all have a magical holiday season. These pictures are from earlier in the year of 2016, when the Frozen sisters were still located inside the Princess Royal Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom. Since then, they have moved onto their new home in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. However, Anna and Elsa still make an appearance at the festival Of Fantasy parade at the Magic Kingdom, held on Main Street USA everyday at 3pm.

The character interaction with Elsa was phenomenal! She didn’t lead the conversation, but helped if there was an awkward pause and just over all made me feel comfortable. Olaf and Marshmallow were having a sleep over at the ice castle with Sven and Kristof while Anna and Elsa were at the kingdom that day. I told Elsa I had never seen or played in the snow, her reply was,Β “Well then you must come visit the castle at once! Here, let me show you how to make snow so when you come, you can be on my team in the snow fight!” She showed me the movements, demonstrated in the pictures above. “And, the most important part, is imagination!” Then we cast our snow flurries towards the camera as the photographer snapped the awesome experience.

I may just be a teenager, but evertime I walk through the gates at the Magic Kingdom and I meet the characters, I go back to my inner child and I couldn’t be happier.


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