Festival Of Fantasy

It’s the Festival Of Fantasy! One of my favorite Disney parades. Everyday at the Magic Kingdom at 3pm, the festival is held on Main Street USA. You will see iconic characters like  Belle in her yellow dress, accompanied by the Beast; Cinderella and Prince Charming; Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder (a.k.a Eugene); all seven of the dawrf’s; Jiminy Cricket and the fab five! Now granted you can’t go up to these characters and get autographs and pictures, but some characters do come up to people and give high fives and maybe a quick hello. However this all happens with in seconds, so have the camera’s out and don’t be afraid to wave and have a ball!

When going to see this parade, I defiantly recommend doing a fast pass reservation! The fast pass spot is in the flag pole courtyard, right towards the end of the parade route. It gives a wonderful view of cinderella’s castle as the floats come down. A photographers dream shot! It also allows the little ones a front row seat to the show and gives dad’s shoulders break. However, if fast pass options are not available, then I would suggest sitting in the statue courtyard, right if font of the castle. Of course others are going to want that spot as well, so I would recommend arriving an hour or so ahead of time. If the kids don’t want to sit the whole time, one of the adults in the group (assuming it is a family trip) can take them to the Merida character meet and greet just across from the castle, and still be able to make it back before the parade.

Guest of all ages have loved this parade since 1971, and will continue to love it! If it wasn’t on your list of things to do on your next visit, then hopefully it’s on there now! Hey, did you enjoy this short blog? If so, hit like and share this with your friends so they don’t miss out on the magic!! See ya real soon!




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