Pixie Play Time

Hidden away in the Town Square Theatre at the Magic Kingdom, you can find Tinker Bell and shrink down to pixie size and explore her little world. This character experience is just past Mickey Mouse’s character experience. The best time to go Tink is in the later afternoon/evening. Wait time is anywhere from 10 minutes to 25 minutes. The character attendee walks small groups of guest threw “the woods” and brings you into a holding room.

“Ok so in order to go see Tinker Bell, we have to think down to pixie size, so all we need is faith, trust, and pixie dust!” Then the room illuminates with ‘pixie dust’! Then you walk into the room with Tink. Surrounded by cute photo ops while you wait, you can also see everyone else experience with her.

Some tips when meeting Tink, even if you are shy:

Talk about her trinkets, and ask if she and Ariel got them while exploring.
Play a game of tag between Tinker Bell and the other characters you plan on meeting that day
Ask how you can get your pixie wings, how Peter Pan is, and if she likes Wendy yet.

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