Inaugural Festival Of the Arts 2017 Opening Weekend


This is the first festival of its kind at Epcot, featuring food, drinks, and art work from various people around the world!

The International Festival of the Arts is off to an AMAZING start! The Disney Traveler gang arrived about half way through the day. It wasn’t extremely hot or crowded for a Saturday, which made the festival more enjoyable. Roaming from country to country, art work for Disney artist were set up all around, advertising their grand masterpieces.

One of my favorite things is the “living paintings”. The only pavilions that have them are the United Kingdom, Italy and America. Also located in different places are living statues.

While the festival is in full swing, families can still participate in the Epcot Passport and Kidcot Fun Stops. Kids of all ages can pick up a palette, grab their brushes, and create their own masterpiece from around the world!

For more information on the foods and drinks you can find at the festival, head over to the foodies tab!


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