Pandora – The World of Avatar

May 19, 2017 I was able to get a two hour sneak peak of the new park in Animal Kingdom, Pandora – The World Of Avatar.

Welcome to Mo’ara!

Since the park has opened to the public on May 27, 2017. The new section in Animal Kingdom may be small but it is jam packed full of things to see. After talking to a cast member, we were informed that everything that we see in Pandora is from movies 2 through 4, which is suppose to be years and years after the first movie.

There are two rides inside the new park, those are Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage. Just recently I rode Flight of Passage and this ride is unlike anything Disney has ever done before. Passengers sit on motorcycle-like seats and are held into place with back and leg restraints. As for the ride, visitors are taken around the Mystic Mountains with a Na’vi guide. This is something you have to experience yourself to understand. However, if are easily prone to motion sickness or have a terrible fear of heights I would go ride the River Journey! This is a ride everyone can go on! There are no drops and nothing too frightening for the little ones. Your journey beings at a nice quiet part of the river and the colors of the river progressively get bright the further into the river you venture. Another thing that happens is the sound of the Na’vi’s singing. It starts out as the sound of the animals in the environment, then it evolves to a a flute being played along to the beat. Finally after you go just around the river bend, you see the Shaman singing and touching the objects around her, creating an unforgettable memory in this Na’vi ceremony that is truly a toughing experience.

If you are interested in some of the foods and beverages you can find in Pandora, check out our food tab where you will be directed to my great friend’s cite called Kingdom Cuisine!

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